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    Chinese Musical Instruments and Accessories Store | Eason Music Pte Ltd | Since 1978

    Retail and Wholesale of Chinese Traditional and Western Music Instruments. Provide consultancy services to set up Chinese Orchestras and Guzheng ensembles, Repair and Restoration of Musical Instruments and Music Lessons.

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    Registrar: VOOJU PTE LTD
    Domain Name: EASON.COM.SG
    Creation Date: 20-Sep-2005 17
    Modified Date: 07-Nov-2016 12
    Expiration Date: 20-Sep-2017 00
    Domain Status: OK
    Domain Status: [email protected] Required
    Name: Eason Enterprises (SGNIC-ORGEA188408)
    Name: Eason Enterprises (SGNIC-ORGEA188408)
    Name: Eason Enterprises (SGNIC-ORGEA188408)
    Email: [email protected]

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